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Lunch and Learn

45-60 minute leadership seminar and introduction to Coach P Leadership Training Curriculum.
A great way for businesses, organization and teams to begin the discussion of growth and leadership as a team.
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Mastermind Groups

6-12 hand-picked professionals or young leaders chosen to participate in a 4-10-week course surrounding a leadership publication or series of books. Meetings can be virtual or in-person. Each meeting is 1-2 hours weekly. Course cost does not include the purchase price of the book which will vary.
4-week course: $49
7-week course: $89
10-week course: $119
Participants age 21 and under receive 20% discount on all above course fees only.

Leadership Game

A board game that creates an environment for communication and team building in a fun atmosphere. The Leadership Game is great for organization, teams, businesses and families. The game lasts 2 hours.
$297 for a group (Adult Version) (6 participants minimum & 12 participants maximum)
$197 for a group (Teen Version) (6 participants minimum & 12 participants maximum)